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Lash Extension Services

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Classic Lashes

Classic lash extensions are individually applied in a 1:1 ratio on your natural lash. This is a perfect technique for those looking for a subtle and simple eye enhancement and wanting a mascara look. The fullness of the natural lashes will be the fullness of the extensions.

Light Volume Lashes 

Light volume lash extensions is a technique that creates a very light, soft, fluffy, and feather-like look. This is great for clients who have sparse and thin lashes or who want to achieve a soft but full look. In this technique, two to three lash extensions are created into a hand-made fan. The fan of lashes is then applied to one natural lash.    

Full Volume Lashes

Full volume lash extensions is an advanced technique that allows clients to achieve dramatic results without causing any damage to their natural lashes. In this technique, four to six lash extensions are created into a hand-made fan and applied to one natural lash. This is a great option for clients who want a full coverage look.

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume is very similar to the full volume lash technique. In this technique, up to sixteen lash extensions are created into a fan and applied to one natural lash. Mega volume provides maximum coverage, creating a very full and glamorous look. This is ideal for special events, occasions, and those who desire a super dramatic look.  

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lash extensions combine the techniques of both classic and volume. This application is ideal for clients looking for a fuller look than what can be achieved with classic lash extensions alone. This creates a naturally full look.

Wet Lashes

The Wet lash look is created by using narrow, nearly closed, volume fans. Wet lashes appear similar to classic lash extensions but look thicker and bolder because of the wider appearance of the lash bundles. Also, given their thickness, they wrap around the natural lash improving retention. Wet Lashes are great for those who love texture and whose natural lashes are moderate to full.

Lash Removal

Lash removal is a safe way to remove unwanted lash extensions. In this process, eyelash extensions are gently removed from your natural lashes using a cream remover. This product relaxes and breaks down the adhesive bond allowing lash extensions to slip off gently, causing no stress to the natural lash.

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